Our Guarantee

We believe in quality work done in a timely manner. We focus on custom design, quality materials, and skillful construction in all our work. We will bid your project so you know how much you are spending before we start.

Quality Guarantee

Refinished Antiques

If any piece arrives damaged we will replace or repair that piece at our expense including shipping costs. The piece should be returned in the original shipping crate. For one year after the shipping date all joints and structural components are guaranteed against failure from normal indoor use. Old Virginia Woodworking will pay the return shipping costs. All of our furniture is built from properly dried and stored, top grade hardwoods. The joinery is made with a multi-point expansible dowel system. The dowels literally expand in diameter in the holes when glue is applied. The only way to get these joints apart is to shatter the wood.
All antiques are guaranteed to be structurally sound when they arrive. We re-glue broken joints, oftentimes replace drawer runners, and generally sturdy up these pieces. However, they are still decades old furniture with the weathering, shrinkage cracks, and wear marks associated with their age. Old table tops and dresser tops almost always have scratches and dings too deep to remove. They typically show shrinkage cracks as well. The large cracks are closed up, the smaller ones are left as is. We guarantee our reworked antiques to be sturdy and beautiful within those parameters. If you do not like the antique piece simply return it within 14 days, in the original container, and your purchase price will be refunded in full when the item arrives back at our shop. BUT—These pieces are a lot of fun to see—you will not be returning these charmers.